How many people love me

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today is the DAY

As 1100 draws closer and closer I feel the need to let everyone know that yes, TODAY IS THE BIG DAY. The day I've been waiting for since February when I received confirmation I had a slot in Kyrgyzstan and started talking with Joe and Josette. I have "a strange" flight path according to my friend form Kyrgyzstan whom is now back in the United States to attend University here. This has been happening for so long and this last month or two has now seemed like it passed by in a second when before now it was inching along like a turtle crossing the Highway.

As I look back upon my times before today it has been quite a long and hard life, spending about two years in the US before moving to nine years in Europe, than back to the US for six years now. I have meet many wonderful people that I hope that I never forget, even though I can be very blond at times and forget things in a snap. I do so hope that anyone who might be reading this feels happiness and joy and can try and promote this program to their friends and family because this is full of life changing experiences and hardships that will prepare you for the dog eat dog world outside of the comforts of your own home.

This just means so much to me to have this great opportunity, it may not show on my face or in my body language but all my friends that truly know me and stuff know how I am feeling some have already left for their year abroad, and then some have only a few short days or weeks until they leave. Granted almost no one from my region, except the people going to Asia have as long of flights as myself, having a total of 23 hours of flying, not to include my lay-overs in the different airports around the world. Please excuse if my translations are off, I used Google to figure it out and stuff.

So until we can meet again I wish everyone a happy year with what ever they do, and that it be filled with love, joy and all the wonders that you can find.
Così fino a quando possiamo incontrarci di nuovo Auguro a tutti un felice anno con quello che sempre fanno, e che sia pieno di amore, gioia e tutte le meraviglie che si possono trovare.
Então, até que possamos encontrar novamente Desejo a todos um feliz ano com o que sempre fazem, e que seja cheio de amor, alegria e todas as maravilhas que você pode encontrar.
Так что, пока мы можем встретиться еще раз желаю всем счастливого года с тем, что когда-нибудь они делают, и чтобы он был наполнен любовью, радостью и все чудеса, которые вы можете найти.
Así que hasta que podamos encontrarnos nuevamente Les deseo a todos un feliz año con lo que cada vez lo hacen, y que se llena de amor, alegría y todas las maravillas que se pueden encontrar.
Also, bis wir wieder zu treffen wünsche ich allen ein frohes Jahr, was immer sie tun, und dass es mit Liebe, Freude und all die Wunder, die Sie finden gefüllt werden.
Så indtil vi kan mødes igen Jeg ønsker alle et godt år med, hvad der nogensinde de gør, og at det blive fyldt med kærlighed, glæde og alle de vidundere, som du kan finde.    
Donc, jusqu'à ce que nous pouvons rencontrer à nouveau, je souhaite à tous une bonne et heureuse année à ce que jamais ils le font, et qu'il soit rempli d'amour, de joie et toutes les merveilles que vous pouvez trouver.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Visa Wait is Killing Me

It may not have been really that long since I last posted something but I sort of feel like I might need to do a status report. So officially I am still up in the air because I do not have my visa at all, the only thing I know really is that it is at the Consulate's office and that the people will not answer their phones no matter how fast or how many time you redial. you could call and redial 40 times in a row and still get the same message "we are sorry but all the phone lines are busy at this time, please leave a message after the tone." I really think that they are just all making personal calls on their works phones so that they don't have to answer questions from people like me and some of my friends.

I have friends leaving already or within this weak, Cleo left this past Saturday, Kat leaves this Friday, and the rest of the people that I know are in their final countdowns reaching close to single digit days, the longest wait I know of is an Aussie that leaves in January for his year. All those people having their Plane Tickets and Visa and final departure date just makes me want to grab all my luggage and go to the airport and board my planes, without caring about who wants to stop me on my way there.

Me mates that are going to Kyrgyzstan also with Rotary International Youth Exchange are in somewhat similar boats to me, one of the them got their visa but it got screwed up on the leave month part so he is going on a Traveler's Visa until they can fix up his Student Visa that he waited like three weeks for it to be finished, so he is leaving this Thursday and will not arrive until this Saturday which seems like a long bunch of flights with all the lay-overs included and stuff. I am not sure how far me other mate is doing she applied before me but when she sent her papers she did not have all the papers that she needed for her visa and everything so she is a little bit behind me in the process and like a mile behind the other guy that leaves on Thursday.

So until next time I wish everyone a happy journey and much success, in all their life's ambitions, and remember when you keep your heart open, love will always find its way in.