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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Guarantee Forms

OK, so I know the biggest thing between my fellow Outbounds lately has been discussing "oh I just got my visa OMG!!!!" or "I leave in so many days." I am so proud of them for having all this information but I feel like I am so far behind in this whole process because just last Monday 25 July 2011 I received my forms and go them sent off o Tzell Park Avenue Travel which is handling all of my things. They received my forms at like 1000 on Wednesday since they were sent on Tuesday on like the express delivery that the US Post Office does.
I said above that the company has my forms but I haven't heard a single thing from them since I mailed them and e-mailed them saying they were on their way to them and should be there by noon the next day. They have all the forms we hope, the only thing we aren't sure if we have everything is the letter of acceptance from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kyrgyzstan. The travel agency has my application, the US Postal Service Money Order and my passport as well as all of the things I received in the FedEx Envelope so we hope they have every form that they need because I haven't received any emails from them about receiving the forms or them needing anymore forms then I have sent them.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Somewhat of an update


Ok, so I know it has been over a month since I last posted something, mainly because nothing has really happened with my exchange process yet. I have a friend, going to the same country as me, whom is freaking out about every little bit but it is a little funny at times and his summer job that he has he gets asked to do some strange things, like put buttermilk on top of a salad. About this time last summer I was being “a creeper” on my fantastically awesome Latin teacher that a few friends and I went to lunch with her at Panera Bread a block from her work

So here is what I know so far about everything for next year. I will be studying as a freshman at the Kyrgyz National University’s International Language Center. I will be staying in the city of Bishkek, which is the capital and is one of the few places in to world that has refused to let McDonalds invade their foodies’ culture, so good on you Kyrgyzstan for keep the deep fried fast food out of your beautiful country. My first host family has three sons, a 20 year old Law major, a twelve year old and an eight year old I believe and the Father is the chief of police for the town and has a PhD in Law. The mother is a professor at my host school; I don’t know what she teaches though so there is the possibility that she could be one of my teachers. Finally, I am one of the 3 studens from the United States going to Kyrgyzstan, and then there are a few going to Kyrgyzstan from Brazil and Mexico.

I would include some photos of my school if I could so instead I will just attach some photos of Kyrgyzstan that I found on Google, they are some pretty sweet photos and so gorgeous.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Awesomeness Known as Brenna Paxton

So at Rotary Youth Exchange Outbound Camp in Oklahoma a few weeks back I meet the awesomeness known as Brenna Paxton, my crazy Argentinian rotex bestie that has an obnoxiously long blog of over 100 posts. She was the head of Blue 1 group of her South American dancers, which were all ladies except for one person Colby. They were some awesome people mainly from Texas all going somewhere in South America, such as Bolivia, Brazil, Chile and places like that. She let me ease drop on her group one night when my group of Team Asia was looking at Japanese and oriental things that didn't related to Kyrgyzstan.

Brenna is so sweet in all ways, and she did an awesome duet with Davis Richardson to "Don't Stop Believing" almost like glee but it was more of Snow White singing to the a walking and talking Yellow Brick Road it was so awesome I wish I could have recorded it for them but it was too dark for my camera to be able to tape it, otherwise it would be blowing up on YouTube. "That girl has a set of pipes on her," is what I imagine would have been some comments if it was on YouTube. I think she should try out for the X Factor or American Idol, or the Voice and do it with Davis to see how far they could get and maybe even win, and Brenna could use her graphic design skills to make team shirts for people to support her with.

There is so much that can be said about Brenna, she is artistic, friendly. If she was a guy she could be a living example of someone whom lives the Boy Scout Oath and Promise, she would be one of the most fun and caring person you could ever meet in your life. She was one of the best rotex at camp and in the same breath one of the strangest ones at camp but she was a blast to hang around. She knows her stuff and is a very knowledgeable person and fashionable, not quite as much as Hope though, sorry Brenna but it’s the truth.