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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 60

Okay so now as I sit in this nice Italian restaurant like I quite a lot to use their WiFi for different things, it makes it hard to believe today is day 60 in Bishkek and I still don't have my third visa that Rotary Bishkek had to pay 300 USD for last month when my visa first expired. Still not that much is going on here except tennis lessons are over until maybe April since my coach left for a few months in the US, I am thinking of taking some sort of dance class maybe some sort of Central or South American style dance, especially like Belly Dancing which my friend from Florida here asked me if they even let guys take belly dancing classes and I said "IDK but it never hurts to ask."

I still Don't have any more keys, the only key I have here is the one to my school classroom. I don't have a house or gate key yet because my host brother "hasn't had time" for a month to get them made, he is the director of he non-profit organization but he can always take a lunch break or something and go and get the keys made. The other day is was down poringish-depends on where you have lived as to what you would call the rain type- and I had to wait almost 30 minutes (25 after I gave up calling the house and called my host mother) in the rain with my laptop under the little over hang on the front gate, luckily I was wearing my rain coat that is also my winter coat so I wan't cold.

So the major even since my last post is I went to a place called Dordoi which is this huge market in town. They have everything there and its sold out of the giant metal shipping containers, there are two on top of each other the bottom one is the store part and the top one is where they store the extras its is really nice, I spent a little bit over 100USD getting winter things. I bought a really nice coast, a pair of really nice gloves, a really nice scarf, and a new wallet to hold my money because before everything for money was in a sandwich zip-lock in my bag inside of my winter hat. I went there with my YEO's PA who is really sweet, now she is in the US for training and things for 5 day in New-York before she goes down to her year in D.C. for college, even though she has already finished university here.

I am hoping that thinks will get better soon, but my Russian is slowly improving at a snail's pace it seems, because my lessons are from a book that is almost 11 yrs old and stuff, and I am lazy and do my Rosetta Stone only on the weekend to take time.

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