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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 202ish

Wow it has been a long timeish since I last updated, but there has not been really anything super exciting or worthwhile to Blog about. As you can tell I have now been in Kyrgyzstan for 202 days and I go home in two and a half months. I a saddened yet somewhat pleased at the same time by this fact. I have enjoyed my past few months and hope to find something really exciting and interesting to do in my last few months hiding in the corner of Central Asia. This may sound strange but I shall admit it, I have started to sell Avon cosmetics, only on-line for the time being until I can get back home and do brochure sales as well. Also, which is hard for people who really know me to believe, I have decided to give up Facebook for at least a month, for personal reasons. So if you feel like getting a hold of me you need to find me wherever I may be hiding.

I am saddened because I will miss my few friends that I have made here, I will miss my crazy and exciting work/school. While at the same time I am glad to leave a place where it's horrible to go outside when it rains and after it rains because when it rains in Bishkek all the dirt from every nook and crany comes out and you basically are walking through mud and you have to wash half of the stuff you are wearing when you get home unless you wish to look like you were mud wrestling.and lost. I have always loved the rain, even when I had to walk a far distance home from school with my book bag and school uniform getting completely and terribly soaked. The snow here in Kyrgyzstan is almost gone, it just seems like Mother Nature is PMSing because she can not decide if she wants to have snow, rain, sleet or sun. A few weeks back we had all four seasons in one day.

Also, I have been recovering form semi-severe to severe congestion, infection and inflammation of my upper air-ways to my lungs as well as the back of my neck, that part where all the stuff you swallow goes I just can't remember for the life of me how to spell it right now, but in Russian it's Горло. I am still recovering from all of that and stuff I had a four day weekend because last week on Thursday was International Women's Day, and Kyrgyzstan takes that as a Nationally Recognized Holiday, then I texted in sick on Friday and Saturday I guess I didn't have work since Friday I had been ill so by that fact nobody would have turned up to Video Club before the 20 minute rule. For a little over a week I have been staying with some really nice students from AUCA (The American University of Central Asia) and maybe sometime this week I will change to my third host family. I sort of wish I could just stay with these students they all know Russian and English and are really nice and I help them cook and clean.

I just started back up my Rosetta Stone Russian program on my laptop today and the first like 20 or so minutes was all my Adaptive Recalls I missed since I haven't done RS since like October or even maybe before then. It has some interesting sentences that my colleague and I get a kick out of. For Example it will have a picture of a panda eating some leaves and have me match a sentence with it and the sentence is this "это животное из Китая. Оно не говорит по-китаиски." When you translate that to English it reads "This animal is from China. It doesn't speak Chinese." My Russian though is coming along, I am sort of relearning a lot of Grammar I learned but never had explained or reinforced. I am hoping that when I go back to the states I can find a way to keep up my Russian and then to keep it up during the school year that I have left in High School.

I went to the book store near my work yesterday and bought four books that all seem quite random, but they are all in Russian. The first three books are all cook book style ones: one about bread, one on Italian food and stuff, and the third is like pamphlet sizeish one about some deserts and things. The fourth book I bought was a French to Russian/Russian to French Dictionary, I still haven't fully figure that one out yet, but hey I bought all of them together for under ten bucks so, hey why not. :) I still need to go back and find their sort of business management and self-help sort of books since that's what I read in the states since I have yet to find a fiction book that I enjoy, the only book so far has been The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Well this post is starting to get long so I will just stop the train of though here. Until next time best wishes for all your hopes and dreams.

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