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Friday, May 17, 2013

1 Year Later

Wow it's so hard to imagine that it has already been a year since I left the beautiful and mysterious country of Kyrgyzstan. I was so privileged to have studied in Kyrgyzstan and learn the beautiful and mysterious language that is Russian. So much has happened my Russian has been gradually slipping but all it needs is some nice practice to brush the dust off of the old books stored in there. I just need to find some people to talk with me and dust those books off and fill them up.

So much has happened in just one year. It's been a rough year, came out as gay to my friends and immediate family. Family is still coming to terms with it all, thankfully I've got a good number of friends that are supportive of me :). I'm just about to graduate from my High School (May 25) so just a few more days till it's time to grab a bunch of tissues and cuddle up with your friends and cry about how you're gonna miss each other.

Next year I'm going to be studying Hotel, Restaurant and Tourism Management up in the Great Lakes area. Gonna go learn tons of stuff and have a blast doing it :D, but also go and freeze my butt off up there haha XD.

I'm hoping that in the coming years I get the opportunity to travel abroad again during university.

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